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Alejandro Newell

I do research in computer vision and machine learning with work in human pose estimation, multi-task learning, and self-supervision. I received my PhD in CS at Princeton University advised by Jia Deng in the Princeton Vision & Learning Lab. I have done internships at Oculus Research and Google Cloud AI, and currently work as a research scientist at Apple under Vladlen Koltun.

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How Useful is Self-Supervised Pretraining for Visual Tasks
Alejandro Newell, Jia Deng
CVPR, 2020

arxiv / code / data code

Feature Partitioning for Efficient Multi-Task Architectures
Alejandro Newell, Lu Jiang, Chong Wang, Li-Jia Li, Jia Deng
arxiv, 2019

arxiv / code

Pixels to Graphs by Associative Embedding
Alejandro Newell, Jia Deng
NeurIPS, 2017

arxiv / code

Associative Embedding: End-to-End Learning for Joint Detection and Grouping
Alejandro Newell, Zhiao Huang, Jia Deng
NeurIPS, 2017

arxiv / training code / demo code

Stacked Hourglass Networks for Human Pose Estimation
Alejandro Newell, Kaiyu Yang, Jia Deng
ECCV, 2016

arxiv / original code / pytorch code

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